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SATI is a fully integrated worm gearbox manufacturer serving the needs of commercial industry. We provide a wide range of fabricated metal items including gears, shafts, castings, wheels and rollers.

SATI components are found in many specialized worm gearbox applications such as: motors, actuators, agricultural equipment, cranes, special machine tools, metal working and more. We pride ourselves on exceeding our customer’s expectations by keeping our promises and providing exceptional value.


SATI: excellence in worm gearbox manufacturers world

SATI is involved in designing and manufacturing high quality, long-lasting worm gearbox and unique, custom-engineered worm gear products. Extensive application and design engineering experience allows SATI to provide reliable and cost-effective gearbox solutions for customers globally.

Whether your application requires a worm gearbox manufacturing made to your specifications, a standard model with a special ratio, shaft length or accessory, SATI can meet your custom reducer needs.


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