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Worm gear speed reducer offer the options of speed reducers or speed increasers, and may be driven in either direction. All SATI worm gear speed reducers and right angle drives are manufactured for high performance in a large spectrum of applications.

They are offered in a wide range of ratios and are equipped with right hand or left hand worm gears.

The output shafts may be solid or hollow, and load capacity is unaffected by direction and rotation.

Worm gear speed reducers are comprised of a screw that drives a wheel or single enveloping wheel and are used in mechanical applications ranging from conveyors to exercise devices to robots. They are typically made out of durable, corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel.


Worm gear speed reducers: decreasing speed and increasing torque

Right angle bevel worm gear speed reducer decrease speed and increase torque from the driver end to the driven end in a drive system. It has a beveled gear that allows the reducer to rotate in both directions and operate with low noise and vibration.

Typically worm gear boxes are not used as speed increasers. The cases are molded glass-filled material making them extremely rugged and resistant to corrosive environments.


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