The gears that set everyone free to move


Sati actively contributed to realizing the “Free to be, free to move” project promoted by Asc-InSieme (inter-municipal agency for Social Interventions operating in the communities of Valli del Reno, Lavino e Samoggia) together with the Department for Social Services of Crespellano township (Bologna area).

The project, managed in cooperation with “Mobility Life” company, achieved full success with the delivery of two vehicles for the transport of senior and disabled people in Crespellano township.

The generous participation of the businesses located in Valsamoggia municipality has enabled the gratuitous loan of a “Fiat Ducato”van, suitably equipped, and a Fiat Punto car, to be used for the local social activities.

Once again Sati, which has been focusing for years on solidarity projects to support, witnessed its sense of social responsibility by subscribing a generous sponsorship.