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SERVIZIIn a world that runs so fast, Sati succeeds in being competitive, and in making its customers competitive, too, because we deliver products immediately, timely, in whatever amount and everywhere in the world. Sati’s warehouse is the strategical centre of the company. Our computerized system is a key tool to manage the flows of the wide range of products we handle.
Besides, Diogene allows us to come closer to our customers, who can enter orders, verify their shipments’ progress, reprint their invoices: Diogene enables our customers to have real-time control on the status of their purchases.

If the brain of our company is represented by the services we offer our customers, then the heart of SATI’s operations is its warehouse. A heart more than 5 thousand square metres, organized to handle more than 10,000 articles…

Sati takes care of its products with the same passion it devotes to its customers. From reception to storage and from shipment to arrival at the customer’s premises…

Strongly focused on the requirements of the market, and motivated by the desire of improving its service performances, Sati has developed Diogene, a leading-edge E-Business tool.