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Power transmission pulleys are used to transmit power to different parts in a system. High quality pulleys can significantly increase belt life and reduce the total cost of ownership of your machinery. SATI designs and manufactures power transmission pulleys to help you simplify holding or hoisting ropes, belts or cables. A synchronous drive pulley system is used for conveyor belts, pumps and other industrial applications. The use of a pulley idler, effective with multiple transmission applications, provides centering and support to belts.


We offer a complete range of power transmission pulleys:

– manufactured according to ISO or RMA standards to ensure optimum performances;

– equipped with taper bushes for quick and reliable installation;

– phosphate-coated to ensure corrosion resistance;


SATI S.p.A: leading power transmission pulleys company

SATI manufactures high performance and high quality power transmission pulleys, optimized for engagement transmission. Innovative design, high quality products and maximum reliability complete our complete stock of power transmission solutions for every need, whether standard or metric.

Our technical resources can provide a full design service to conceive customized power transmission pulleys that reflect the specific needs of your line production, including one-piece banded v-belts to make up any number of ribs.


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