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SATI is known as leading manufacturer and supplier of Locking Assemblies with different sizes for conveyor drums and pulleys, gear and reducers, shaft and hub connections, machine industry applications. Thanks to our experience we offer various type of locking assembly and keyless transmission products, advanced base components widely used in mechanical connection under heavy load.

Locking assembly provides reliable, high strength keyless connections by converting locking screw clamp loads into radial contract pressures applied to both the shaft and that bore of the mounted component. The resulting zero-backlash mechanical interference fit will accommodate high torque, thrust, bending and/or radial loads.


SATI specializes in locking assembly manufacturing and custom solutions

The locking assemblies are delivered oiled and ready to be fitted: we can embrace your specific needs and design a new custom solutions which remain under budget and fulfill every reliable and endurance specification.

Our strengths begin with a wide experience in locking assembly designing and manufacturing, continue in full support service to our customer technical requests and a complete solutions catalog in order to embrace the variety of market’s needs.


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