Helical Bevel Gear Motor

» Helical Bevel Gear Motor

Helical bevel gear motors are angular geared motors where the gear unit output shaft is rotated through 90° to the motor shaft. They provide a high degree of efficiency of over 90% in both torque directions and at all input speeds, with performance designed to last – high endurance gearing enables high-torque wear-free operation.

Helical bevel geared units can either have a solid or a hollow shaft. The helical bevel gear motor represent the ideal solution for drive tasks where an angular geared motor with high power density is required with continuously high output torques. The compact and structure optimized gear housing of the helical bevel gears distinguish themselves by being machined on all sides and are therefore, ready for a variety of mounting options and applications.


SATI helical bevel gear motors: expanding efficiency

With our remarkably efficient helical bevel gear motors, you have energy-efficient angular gear drives at your fingertips. As they also have a long maintenance-free service life, they can be used in every application with AC asynchronous motors, asynchronous and synchronous servomotors.

You receive a one-stop drive system solution that meets all the demands required of drive technology. A wide range of services, competent advice, engineering, project scheduling, project management, setting up operations and support complete our extensive offerings.

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