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Sati is a major player in the production and distribution of power transmission products for industrial use.
Founded in 1974, Sati has grown up to the rank of leading company in its sector combining its 44 years experience with innovation. What makes Sati unique are the excellence in service and the uncompromising dedication to customer’s needs.

Our strength is represented by a wide range of products as well as fast and timely deliveries. In addition to this, a warehouse equipped with the most advanced management technologies, highly qualifi ed multilingual staff and real-time delivery of orders are further reasons why more and more customers decide to give their preference to Sati.

Sati is out-of-standard not only for the excellence of its service, but also for the engineering of special design items. Our highly qualified team, through deeply detailed feasibility study, scouts and selects the top manufacturers on the Italian or on the Asian markets and performs strict quality controls on all components. Well tested procedures for the largest product diversification: for Sati, extraordinary is ordinary!

The philosophy that inspires us is customer-centric. We are a company made by people whose primary task is to offer the best service ever, always ready to understand our customer needs and speaking our customer own language, wherever in the world.

Sati Spa General Manager

Quality certification

foto_serviceTop priority for Sati is quality, not only product quality but also the quality of service offered to the customer. To this purpose, frequent inspections are carried out in order to guarantee that all production batches comply with the strictest requirements. Quality, reliability and inspections are distinguishing features of Sati’s working procedures aimed at offering the customer the best possible products on the market. The materials and products our suppliers use pass all the tests laid down by the latest international standards, such as UNI EN ISO 9001.

Traceability and inspection tests are indeed the milestones of a Quality Assurance system, and we’re well aware of it. That’s why we use of the most advanced testing equipment, certifi ed by authorized institutions, providing us with quick and accurate results, thus guaranteeing a constant reliability of all our products.

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Engaging the World

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Born in 1974, SATI celebrates its 40th year of activity. An important achievement that will give us new energies to plan a future of innovation , always at the service of our customers.