• SATI turns 40

    SATI turns 40

    Born in 1974, SATI celebrates its 40th year of activity. An important achievement that will give us new energies to plan a future of innovation , always at the service of our customers.

    Our History
  • New Sati Catalogue 2013

    New Sati Catalogue 2013

    The new Sati 2013 Catalogue is available, ask our export department for a printed copy or download the full version (PDF 15Mb) in the Products section of the site.

  • A brand new look for Sati S.p.a.

    A brand new look for Sati S.p.a.

    In 2013, Sati S.p.A. renovates its image.
    A brand new website and a brand new communication to properly express what we are: a worldwide leading company in the distribution of industrial gears.

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Sati is a young, dynamic, flexible company which prioritises Customer satisfaction. To rise to the challenges of globalisation, Sati continues to make large investments in technology to support product quality, state-of-the-art logistics systems, and before and after-sales services, to guarantee our customers quality, speed and precision.


Diogene: our E-Business portal developed for you.

Go to DiogeneConsistent with the philosophy of transparency which has always been integral part of our mission, Diogene opens a window onto our management and logistics system in real time. If you're already a SATI customer, discover now the services and functions offered by Diogene!

The new App Sati on App Store and Google Play

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Since its establishment, Sati has always aimed at innovation. That's the reason why we cannot stop: it's the only way to always be a step ahead.

Reception of incoming goods, quality control, storage, packaging and shipment: the entire work chain is managed by our logistics system which guarantees control and traceability, of the product until it reaches your company.
In a high-speed world, Sati succeeds in being competitive and in giving its customers a competitive edge too, since we deliver our products straight away, on time, in any quantity required and all around the world.

Sati has invested resources and enthusiasm to place its logistics system fi rmly at the state of the art. Our customers operate on a just in time basis so they need a constant and reliable supply of components.
Sati's warehouse is the strategical centre of the company. Our computerized system is a key tool to manage the flows of the great quantity of products we deal with.

A highly computerized registration system, a clear and easy warehouse organization, along with cutting edge inspection and shipping procedures enable Sati to ensure its customers a fast and timely delivery of the products required.

Quality certification

The materials and products our suppliers use pass all the tests laid down by the latest international standards, such as UNI EN ISO 9001.